Deborah J. Newman

Deborah Newman has over 18 years of experience in high-impact bankruptcy and distressed debt related litigation. She has represented institutional investors, indenture trustees, official and ad hoc committees and debtors in possession in the full range of complex litigation matters that arise during the course of Chapter 11 restructurings, cross-border insolvencies and other bankruptcy contexts. Deborah has been involved in some of the most cutting-edge issues in bankruptcy, including the treatment of original issue discount under the Bankruptcy Code, the appropriate cram-down interest rate for a secured creditor, individual creditors’ rights to pursue fraudulent transfer actions in spite of a debtor’s bankruptcy filing and the scope of the bankruptcy code’s fraudulent transfer safe harbor. Deborah is currently lead counsel for two litigation trusts in high-stakes litigation seeking hundreds of millions of dollars. Deborah was named a “Rising Star” for Bankruptcy Litigation in 2016 by Law 360.

Chapter Contribution

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