Matthew P. Kremer

Matthew Kremer is a financial restructuring specialist who represents debtors, ad hoc creditor groups, individual creditors, and other parties-in-interest in Chapter 11 reorganizations, out-of- court restructurings, and bankruptcy litigation. Matthew has deep restructuring experience in a wide array of industries, including energy, retail, telecommunications, and marine contracting. Over the past five years, Matthew has served a lead role in the O’Melveny team representing the Government of Puerto Rico in the most complex municipal bankruptcy in history. In this role, Matthew continues to advise the Government of Puerto Rico, in all aspects of its ongoing restructuring efforts, including leading the effort to develop out-of-court restructuring plans for several public corporations of the Commonwealth.

Chapter Contribution

Chapter 5.II | The Rise of the RSA: Driving Value to Streamline Negotiations in a Restructuring Process